July 22, 2024

Learn how to make your name invisible on WhatsApp

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Noticias Concursos

the The WhatsApp User is not allowed to leave the “Name” tab (Messaging Messaging) blank. In this sense, it is not possible to hide information from all contacts.

However, a little trick can help the user to remove a file name The WhatsApp. When a certain character is used, the name is not visible in the messenger. The option is available for both Android and iOS.

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Here is how to make your name invisible on WhatsApp

  1. Copy the following Unicode character “?” , without the quotation marks;
  2. Once done, open WhatsApp on your cell phone and access the settings to view your profile;
  3. Click on your name and delete everything;
  4. Then click on the name area and select “Paste”;
  5. Click OK to confirm the action and note that your name is now not visible on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tests feature to transfer conversations from Android to iOS

In the face of many well-established technologies, which mainly include cloud storage, it is difficult to understand how it works The WhatsApp It does not yet have a unified system for migrating conversation history between Android and iOS.

According to the WABetaInfo portal, it was found in the iOS beta version 22.2.74, the possibility of portability from Apple systems to Samsung and Google devices. However, the tool does not prefer the reverse path, from Android to iPhone.

In this sense, the platform is developing a function that allows transferring chat files from an Android device to an iOS device. Previously, to use the migration tool, it is necessary to download the “Move to iOS” application.

In practice, The WhatsApp It asks for permission to import chat history before starting the process. The Messenger also advises the necessity of keeping the cell phone unlocked to complete the process.

It is worth noting that the tool has no release date yet, but it should gradually reach users who participate in the beta version of the tool. The WhatsApp. So citizens should keep an eye out for new messenger updates.

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