December 2, 2023
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Learn how to pay PIX on your Nubank card

Currently , pix It is the most widely used method of transferring values ​​in a country. The system was launched in 2020 by the Central Bank, and the system has been growing every day.

With this in mind and with the goal of expanding the possibilities of payment via PIX, nubank Create a new service in your application. Now, fintech clients can make a transfer and pay up to 12 installments.

PIX in installments

a pix in installments It is an excellent alternative for those who need to make the transfer, but do not have enough balance in their account at the moment.

Therefore, instead of using the scale, the file nubank It allows the customer to make the transaction using the available balance on his card, with the ability to split the amount up to 12 times. In either case, recipients receive full payment immediately.

In addition, the financial technology allows the client to run a simulation before transferring the amounts to verify the possibility of premiums. However, the feature is being rolled out gradually.

How to pay Nubank PIX in installments

The operation can be done in two ways, using a Pix key or using a Pix QR code. Check both possibilities step by step:

Transaction via Pix key

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. Click on the shortcut “Pix Zone” and then on “Move”;
  3. Enter the transaction amount;
  4. Enter the Pix key;
  5. confirm the data of the recipient of the transfer;
  6. Go to “Choose how to transfer” and then “Credit card”;
  7. Choose the number of installments you want;
  8. Review the transfer details.
  9. Enter your 4-digit password, and you’re done.

Transaction by QR code

  1. In your Nubank app, access the “Pay” shortcut;
  2. Once done, select “Pay Pix with QR Code”, and shortly thereafter, select “Read QR Code”;
  3. Scan the code and confirm the data of who will receive the transfer;
  4. Click “Choose a payment method” and then “Credit Card”;
  5. Choose the number of installments and review the transfer details;
  6. Enter the 4-digit password to complete the process.

PIX limit can be adjusted

Limits on the value of daily and overnight transfers with Pix nubank It can be modified by customers. Settings can be made through the “My Pix Limits” option. The tool offers more security to the users, considering that Pix is ​​also used for scams.

Very simple process. See step by step below:

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. On the main page, select “Pix Region”;
  3. Then press “Configure Pix” and then choose “My Pix Limits”;
  4. Once done, click on Edit and set the desired limits, both for day and night periods;
  5. Enter your password to confirm the transaction;
  6. Finally, wait for the necessary period for the change to take effect, which is 24 to 48 hours.

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