January 28, 2023

Learn how to renegotiate debt in Itaú’s campaign

Itaú offers rates starting at 0.5% per month, with several installment options and discounts. Learn how to renegotiate your debt

Itaú Unibanco clients can now count on our debt renegotiation campaign. Thus, the bank offers rates starting from 0.5% per month, with various installment options and discounts. In addition, the first installment can be paid within 60 days.

In this way, in addition to lowering interest rates, the financial institution will also facilitate the payment in installments for the down payment. Because the higher the input value, the better conditions are offered to the client. In addition, discounts will also be available for the full payment of the debt amount.

How to participate

Therefore, Itaú clients who wish to participate in the trading campaign have the following options:

In addition, customers can also renegotiate their outstanding financial affairs through traditional Itaú service channels or at post offices across the country.

“With all the overhead expenses at this time of year (such as registration, taxes, school supplies, etc.), the budget is often more at risk, so the bank is working with proposals that help people in the process, so that our clients restore financial balance more quickly and can It comes back to planning for the future with more financial security,” said Beatriz Bernardi, Itaú Unibanco Retail Recovery Manager.

default in Brazil

According to the latest survey by Serasa Experian, in September 2022, Brazil reached 68.39 million Brazilians in default, which represents a record number of indebtedness.

In light of this, the credit He continued to be the biggest villain in Brazilian debt. Therefore, at least 53% of Brazilians have card debt, according to Serasa.

Photo: Diego Tomazini / shutterstock.com