November 28, 2023
Learn how to use the discount and cashback benefits!

Learn how to use the discount and cashback benefits!

Méliuz offers many benefits to customers, including cashback. But how does the platform work? Find out more below!

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If you are looking for a platform CashbackMilius might be right for you. In it you receive cashback through purchases in partner stores or even by sending invoices. Understand how it works!

What is meliose?

Méliuz is a Brazilian startup, created in 2011. You can find discount coupons and cashback on both the website and app to use at partner stores, such as Casas Bahia, Nike, Centauro, Renner, Amazon, AliExpress and Shopee, among others. other.

How does cashback work?

Méliuz’s account will soon include a profile credit International, with no annual fee, under the Mastercard brand. The platform can only be used to purchase cashback and discounts without having to apply for a credit card. In addition to discount coupons, there are other ways to get a part of what you spent, check it out.

  • up to 1% cashback on credit card purchases;
  • 0.5% to 0.8% cash back after bill payment;
  • Various cashback by sending invoices from supermarkets;
  • Various discount and cashback coupons at partner stores.

There is a negative point in the Milius account which is the lack of an airline miles programme.

How do I apply for a Milius credit card?

To order this card, simply access the Méliuz app available for Android And the iOSClick on “Cards” and fill in the necessary information.

The application can also be submitted through Meluse’s website. On the main page, click on “Mileus Credit Card” and then on “Early Access”. Once this is done, simply fill in the necessary data, wait for a response to your request and analyze the data.

Is a Melius account worth it?

Since it has several ways to earn cashback and doesn’t charge an annual fee, the Melius account is well worth it. These benefits make it one of the most useful digital accounts in the financial market.

The lack of a frequent flyer program is actually a negative point, as the focus is on cashback. However, nothing prevents this service from being added to your Melius account in the future.

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Photo: Propaganda / MELIUZ