February 1, 2023

Learn the story of the man who runs Paraná, the company that sells the most stoves in the country

The job market is a big box of surprises, with endless possibilities. Márcio Veiga’s story can be a good source of inspiration to show that starting from scratch and growing in a company is possible. Today he is the CEO, better known as the CEO, he started as an intern.

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Marcio joined Atlas, a stove company based in Paraná, in Pato Branco, in the southwest of the state, as an apprentice, in 1995. But his career began a little earlier, because of his desire to learn more, when he joined, at the age of 14, in a course Technologist in Electromechanics at CEFET.

“At that time, we left work very early. I started studying when I was 14 years old, and I took a technical course in CEFET, which was very good for my career.”

Knowing a little bit about every part of the company’s history, Marcio went through several stages until he reached the position he occupies today.

“I have some colleagues who joke that I started in the company with diapers, but I was already of a certain age. I stayed for 10 years. Then I left, and I went to another competing company, where I stayed for 8 years.”

said Marcio Vega, CEO of Atlas

After some time away, Marcio is back and has completed 20 years with the company. Today, he is in charge of Atlas Corporation, which, despite its family ownership, has strong governance and employs nearly 2,000 people.

“In April 2023 I completed another ten years comeback. I’m very proud of this story, of this clip. The company has transformed, over the years, and I’m not a professional either.”

said Marcio Vega, CEO of Atlas

The history of Atlas is intertwined with the story of the CEO’s life today. However, professionals comment that none of this would be possible without people believing in it, then, and now too.

“It’s a long story, of affection and admiration and building and a lot of relationships, not just internally, but with partners and customers, because I think that’s what makes the company strong and that’s the path to success.”

Marcio Vega, CEO of Atlas commented

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Expanding activities

At the helm of Atlas, Márcio Veiga faces the challenge of expanding the brand’s activities this year. The company, which turned 72 years old in 2022, has a long history of development and today is distinguished as the market leader in the production of stoves.

With a production capacity of 3 million products per year, serving the national market and Latin America as a whole, and even expanding to some African countries, the company wants to make launches and recognition of a new look.

Our plan for this year is largely based on the growth and expansion of product categories. We will diversify, launch a new one and, above all, cease to be recognized as a stove company and become a cooking solutions company, that is, everything related to home cooking, we work on.

Marcio Vega, CEO of Atlas, concluded

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The 2023 launch, which should be filed in the first quarter, brings more technology and design to kitchens and makes everyday lives easier for consumers, as they are safer, more durable and easier to clean cooking products.

It also starts producing a new line of smart products, for those who want to make their homes more connected and integrated, with the possibility of voice commands with the help of virtual assistants, such as Alexa.