September 21, 2023
A new feature in WhatsApp will allow users to go into "invisible" mode

Learn to hide your name even in a WhatsApp group

If you are looking for more aggregateKnow that it is possible to hide the name even in a WhatsApp group. You may have already received a message from a stranger in the app who knows your name. As surprising as at the moment, you just have to remember that the messenger displays the username.

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If you access the profile of any contact, including people who are not registered in the address book, it is possible to read their names. So if you want more privacy, learn how to hide your name in and out of a WhatsApp group.

Learn how to hide your name inside a WhatsApp group

While some people are looking for ways to spy on others, there are those who care about their privacy. In the digital world, maintaining the protection of private life is difficult but necessary. In this sense, know that there are ways to protect your data on and off The WhatsApp And even hide your name.

Unknown people can get your number and add it to their phone book and know your name. However, seemingly harmless information is a tool used by scammers and mischievous people. So, learn how to hide your name on WhatsApp.

Step by step to hide the name inside the messenger

If you are looking to hide your identity in the most popular messenger on the planet, you have come to the right place. Just follow some simple steps to hide name in profile, even within a group The WhatsApp. This will make life difficult for people who are not there to do good things.

Step by Step:

Step 1 – The first thing to do is open Google and enter the code: Unicode U + 2800;

Step 2 Then click on the first search result;

Step 3 – Now, do the following: Copy the empty space.

Step 4 – Paste what was copied into the “Edit” space of your WhatsApp username;

Step 5 – To finish the procedure you need to click “Save”.

ready. From now on, no information related to your name will appear within the messaging app. This way, only your phone number will be visible to other users. However, if the person has a contact from you, they will have information about your number.