June 4, 2023

“Leave the man alone” – Metro World News Brasil

Fabio Assuncao raised the university after taking a social sciences course in his first semester. The 51-year-old actor, Humberto’s translator in “Todas as Flores,” secured his place at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and was a success among his colleagues at the institution.

With the repercussions of this, the actor’s attendance at the institution was taped for several moments and he ended up landing an Instagram page capturing the “nicest” and “request” of the unit’s students.

“Who is this cat that looks like a TV sitcom actor?”says one of the posts. “The social science animal on TV!”. The appearance of the famous person ended up making the students tease him on the networks, but ended up annoying another part of the students.

“The man is going to leave the course now. Annoying people.”commented on the Instagram profile.

“What is your problem? Running after a married man. Look what that guy thinks! Go wash some dishes and turn your head on, bunch of idlers!”Another network user pointed out.

“Guys, how ridiculous is that? Leave the guy alone, he just wants to study, and in addition to embarrassing yourself with that kind of attitude, you end up discouraging him from getting comfortable in PUC”Student vent.

Jojo Tudinho celebrates self-love in the mail

Jojo Todynho recorded a self-love scene on his Instagram and gave advice to his followers. Currently, the singer has embarked on a journey of physical exercise and has already shed over 20 kilos in the process. The singer has shared her training dynamics in the gym with her followers several times and decided to celebrate herself, this Wednesday (3), with a photo and tip applied to the caption.

Standing on a chair with flower motifs, Jojo received an automatic click of laughter, full of joy. In an opaque dress and sunglasses, the artist shared her photo and advised her followers:

“Do yourself a favor: see yourself with love, take care of yourself with affection,” translator.

See what fans commented: After losing more than 20 kilos, Jojo Todinho celebrates with a walk in a dress and advises: “See yourself with love.”