November 28, 2023
Leaves the king's body in procession, escorting Charles

Leaves the king’s body in procession, escorting Charles

Yesterday, around 10 a.m. local time (6 a.m. GMT), Elizabeth’s body came out funeral procession From Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh. The flight took just over six hours to reach the first destination.castle HolyroodWhere he stayed in the throne room.

This morning, in Brasilia time, the coffin left the palace and was taken to St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. In short procession, King Charles III, Princes Andrew and Edward, Princess Anne and Sir Timothy LawrenceAnne’s husband took the road, about a kilometer, on foot.

And a car behind them took Camilla, the Queen, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward’s wife. The procession was marked by respectful silence, interrupted briefly by shouts of “God save the Queen!”

Then the royal family attended a party in the cathedral. Now the queen’s coffin will be in Street Giles For 24 hours, during which the audience can express their respect.

The ceremony was also attended by the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Scotland, Liz Truss and Nicola Sturgeon.

The Crown of Scotland – usually on display at Edinburgh Castle – was placed atop the Queen’s coffin. The piece made of gold, silver and precious stones is used in ceremonies to represent the presence of the king.

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Queen Elizabeth: The royal family attends the ceremony at St. Giles

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Thousands of people are expected at this last minute with the King. Due to the likely time to stand in line, the crowd was advised to bring food and drink.

According to the BBC, visitors will undergo an “airport-wide” screening. No filming or filming of the visit will be permitted.

At night, King Charles and the brothers will hold a vigil around the coffin.

The body of Queen Elizabeth II leaves in a procession

what happened after that

Tomorrow the body will be transported to London. The operation unicorn He decides that the journey should start at Waverley Station, where the coffin will be placed on the special train that the British royal family has used since 1840.

According to the Daily Mail, the authorities are already prepared to deal with the crowds that will gather around the railways to watch the train pass. However, in the event that there is Travel By train is not possible, the body will be taken on a flight from Aberdeen Airport – where it was Members of the royal family have arrived to accompany the Queen in her last moments.

The funeral service will be held on September 19 at Westminster Abbey, central London. The Queen’s body is buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel. The coffin is located next to the burial place of Duke Philip, his parents and his sister Princess Margaret.