Leblanc holds the record!

Leblanc recordman!

William Leblanc has finally become the best archer in life of the Inouk in a season ! “Will The Thrill” has registered two goals on Friday night in Montreal-North, in a victory surprisingly ditch the face yet sad Arctic, which has six small wins after 43 games.

The Inouk have won 4-3 in a shootout. Leblanc scored two goals, his 56th and 57th, before making the difference in the shootout by being the only player to thread the needle. He has also amassed a password.

“The question of the record is finally set !, has sighed the one that well surpasses the mark of 55 goals set in a season by Érik Longtin in 2014-2015. Honestly, I’m happy, I’m happy and I’m proud of. The Inouk are a large organization of junior AAA and I am proud to find myself in the book of the history of the franchise. And if you allow, I would like to say thank you to my teammates, who have had their big say in my success. “

The last few weeks have not been easy for Leblanc, who had the pressure on the shoulders. But he will now be able to move on to something else.

“I’m relieved, that’s for sure. I felt a little less pressure since I had tied the record and I feel it even less after tonight. It’s done, it’s done and it’s good. “

About the match, “The Thrill” will say that this was not a walk in the park, far from it.

“We ran out of opportunism, but it is also stumbled upon a guardian [Cedric Lariviere] that didn’t know. But hey, we won… “

Patrice Bosch was more direct, even more scathing in his comments.

“The guys thought it would be easy and they almost have to play a nasty turn. We have not played a big game and we will say, we were lucky. “

All the same, Bosch has had good words for William Leblanc.

“He played a good game and it deserves what happens to him. It is impressive what he has done this season. “

76 shots !

The Inouk have made 76 shots on Cedric Lariviere, certainly, a top this season in the junior hockey League AAA. At the other end, Hugo Duteau has been put to the test 20 small time.

“Lariviere has been good, it is true, but it was far from being fire all dangerous “, took over Bosch, clearly dissatisfied with the performance of his team.

Louis-Philippe Denis (he added two assists and now has 30 goals) scored the other thread for Inouk-time regular.

The Inouk (33-11-1) will be in Gatineau on Sunday afternoon.

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