Leblanc joined Longtin in the history of Inouk

Leblanc rejoint Longtin dans l’histoire des Inouk

William Leblanc will have waited for the 24th and last home game of the Inouk to score his 55th goal of the season and match the team record of Érik Longtin.

After having raised four assists, Will The Thrill has foiled Tommy Da Silva at 17:56 minutes of the third period, on a pass from his faithful sidekick Louis-Philippe Denis, and the Inouk have defeated the Panthers of St-Jerome 5-2 in front of 505 spectators gathered at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin, Saturday afternoon.

“I admit, it feels good, has launched Leblanc. Because I had beautiful, don’t put pressure on it, there was still. There, I feel a little lighter. It is certain that I would have liked to beat the record at home, but at least I’ve equaled here.”

Because of the presentation of the tournament for bantam, which will begin Wednesday, Inouk will compete in their last five games on the schedule away from Granby.

Leblanc has finally scored after having been milled for four matches in a row, which was his longest run of its kind this season.

“I had a good discussion with Pat (Bosch) and Santino (Pellegrino) and they told me to get back to basics, keep things simple. It has borne fruit today.”

“I’m happy for Will, followed by Bosch. Today, it has taken stakes in failure, he has been generous with his passes, he played the entire game. Fifty-five goals, that’s impressive.”

And in general, Bosch has appreciated the effort of his own on Saturday.

“We played a good game. I least liked the sequence in the third period, during which the Panthers have narrowed the gap to 3-2, but we still offered a good performance.”

With three goals (he now has 28), and a pass, Louis-Philippe Denis has done very poorly for the Panthers. Nicolas Roy scored the other goal of Inouk. Félip Bourdeau has tallied three assists.

In front of the net of Inouk, Marc-Antoine Dufour has blocked 37 shots. It has been superseded by Philippe-Olivier Riopel, and Charles-Antoine Payment.

The Inouk (31-11-1) will be at Terrebonne on Tuesday night.

Leblanc rejoint Longtin dans l’histoire des Inouk

The Inouk come to take the lead 1-0. Félip Bourdeau encourages the goalkeeper to Marc-Antoine Dufour.

Christopher Ball-Dion

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