Legault confirmed that it will focus on the expansion of medical assistance to die

Legault confirme qu'il se penchera sur l'élargissement de l'aide médicale à mourir

MONTREAL — prime minister François Legault confirmed that her government will focus on the expansion of eligibility for medical assistance to die, at a time when two Quebecers are fighting in court to have access to it.

“I understand, and I find it sad that I saw this week”, he said on Thursday, in reference to Nicole Gladu and John Truchon who have turned to the superior Court and argue their cause.

All two patients with severe degenerative diseases are incurable, they are trying to invalidate the criteria of the laws that prevent them from obtaining the help of a doctor to end their days. As they are not “end-of-life” – a criterion of the quebec act – and that their death is not reasonably foreseeable, as required by federal – they refuse this help, in spite of their great suffering, significant physical limitations, and especially, despite their desire to decide for themselves.

Mrs. Gladu and Mr. Truchon should now devote their efforts to a legal challenge that is expected to last 33 days, Quebec city and Ottawa, defending the validity of their laws.

When asked about this on the sidelines of an announcement of economic in Montreal, the prime minister has said that this is part of the objectives of his government to focus on the expansion of medical assistance to die.

It was an electoral commitment and he will be respected, he confirmed.

And the reflection will not be limited to people with Alzheimer’s disease, a case that he was specifically named in the election campaign and on which it had insisted.

Mr. Legault warns, however, that this work of reflection will be “not settled in two weeks”, because there are a lot of precautions to take, ” he said. “This is not as simple as it may seem”, says the prime minister, recalling that part of the responsibility is also the responsibility of the federal government.

He rejoices, however, that it is a folder that is not partisan and that all the political parties in the national Assembly are open to address the issue.

Quebec has adopted in 2014, the Law regarding end of life care, which includes palliative care and medical assistance to die. Later, Ottawa amended the criminal Code by a law adopted in 2016 in order to allow physicians and nurse practitioners to provide medical help to die.

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