Legault says keep the cap on secularism

Legault dit garder le cap sur la laïcité

MONTREAL — prime minister François Legault wants to settle by next summer, the record of secularism, which will allow him to fight against racism and extremism in the province, he argued in an interview on the show “The Game”, Sunday morning.

In an interview with the issuance of the channel LCN, Mr. Legault stated that, in the absence of a “framework”, of the incidents in Quebec.

According to him, the government caquiste is proposing a measure to be “reasonable” in prohibiting only persons in a position of authority to wear religious signs, recalling that the Charter of values the Parti québécois (PQ) wanted to frame the practices of all the workers of the State.

“In Quebec, there are people who are racist and who would like to, for example, that a person could not wear a religious sign in the street,” he explained.

“If we told them : from now on we gesture. The people who are in authority, including teachers, can no longer wear religious signs. It is as if someone had just set a square of sand.”

Mr. Legault does not believe that the debate will prove to be as inflamed as when the PQ had proposed to its charter.

“There is this support, which is important, of the population, there are small groups that will try to address them. But as for me, my intention is to fine tune it by the summer and turning the page to talk about the real issues”, he argued.

The prime minister did not question him about the famous issue of the grandfathering clause, which would allow current employees who wear religious symbols to keep their jobs.

Mr. Legault said in the past that he does not wish that an existing employee loses their job due to these new rules. But some members of the caucus caquiste have expressed their reservation on this issue.

Last week, in a caucus, the prime minister, Legault has said that it was him who would decide, ultimately, in the coming weeks.

A priori, dismiss someone [who refused to remove her religious sign], it is not with pleasure that I’d do that. However, do we want to create the kinds of clauses orphan with rights according to the date of hire?” he said.

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