Legault wants to be able to assign immigrants to the regions

Legault veut pouvoir assigner les immigrants aux régions

Prime minister Francois Legault still hoping to convince Ottawa to give Quebec the power to assign a place of residence to immigrants, a measure that would allow him to adjust the entries of new workers to the needs of workforce in the regions.

The Trudeau government does, however, shows no opening in this direction.

In an email to The canadian Press, the minister of intergovernmental Affairs, Dominic LeBlanc, says his government will respect the Canada-Quebec Accord on immigration, it is to analyze the government’s draft bill Legault, but that, ” first of all, we are not in favour of the reintroduction of the conditional permanent residence “.

The minister LeBlanc says that his government is ready to work with Quebec to resolve the problems of lack of labour, but it specifies that the conditions for the maintenance of the permanent residence introduced in 2012 by the conservative government of Stephen Harper had been withdrawn by his government ” because they are endangering the joint in a precarious situation “.

Temporary workers as a temporary solution

Of a business in Beauceville by lack of labour, on Friday, Mr. Legault noted, however, that, until Ottawa changes its tack, it would be possible to impose this constraint to the temporary foreign workers who wish to immigrate to Canada.

“When a company signs a contract to hire someone who comes from outside of Quebec or Canada, there is a possibility as a temporary worker to tie it up for a year, two years, to a company as a temporary worker,” explained the prime minister in press conference.

François Legault added that” there are a lot of temporary workers who would be interested in becoming permanent immigrants “and that by passing through this pool of labour,” we can reach the same goal.”

“At first, associate them to a job and, in a second time, before giving them permanent residence, and citizenship, require the success of a French test and a test of values “, explained the prime minister.

For obtaining to be able to do the same with immigration, he said he was ” confident that Mr. (Justin) Trudeau is going to accept because it is a power which had been given to Quebec in the time of Robert Bourassa ; I don’t see why we would not be able to get back a power that we already had. “

“Non, non, non “

The Bloc québécois, for its part, has not missed this new opportunity to justify its reason for being.

“The federal is always to put his large hooves in what Quebec wants to do and, once again, it is not above not above not “, has hammered the bloquiste Monique Pauzé, referring to the refusal of previous Trudeau government, whether of the income tax return single or the requirement of French among immigrants.

The member for Repentigny has, however, recognized in the same breath that this closure is repeated in the Trudeau government comes ” to strengthen our position, which is to say : Quebec city is very poorly defended in Ottawa and Quebec would need to be a country to be able to discuss as equals with the government in Ottawa.”

According to Ms. Pauzé, the fact that the minister LeBlanc says it is analyzing the bill comes ” questioning the sovereignty of the national Assembly : one cannot make any more laws ? It is necessary to expect that the minister LeBlanc or another from the government says : yes, you have the right to (…) make a bill ? No, it doesn’t make sense, ” she decided.

For its part, the new democrat Alexandre Boulerice was abundant in the same direction with respect to the attitude of the federal government : “This is beginning to happen a little too often that the Trudeau government closes the door very quickly and refuses any discussion with the government of Quebec. It does not give evidence of a flexibility, an openness, a willingness for dialogue. “

Mr. Boulerice did not hide, however, the discomfort that give rise to certain proposals of the CAQ within its training policy.

“There are proposals that are made by the government Legault, with which it has a little bit of misery in the NDP like to take 18 000 files, throw them in the trash and say to these people : you will start again. It must be pretty rough for these people to see that the rules of the game change along the way. “

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