March 30, 2023

Leila makes a joke on social media after the title and Palmeiras fans “split” with their opinions on the Internet

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SUB: After the title against Flamengo, the captain used her social networks to make a joke and fan opinion was divided

(Photo: Cesar Greco)

Palmeiras was the Brazilian Super Cup champion over Flamingo, this Saturday (28), at Mani Garrincha. The team led by Abel Ferreira played a somewhat exciting match against the team led by Vitor Pereira, and the result was in the end 4-3 to Alviverde who lifted the first trophy of 2023.

Faced with this, for those who do not remember, in recent days Leila Pereira’s management has been heavily criticized by fans, mainly due to the lack of reinforcements for the season that has begun. After a 0-0 draw vs They are Paolo, in the middle of Allianz Parque Graffiti has appeared at the club’s headquarters in Barra Funda.

With the title won, Verdão’s boss took the opportunity to make a “joke” on her official Instagram account. Through the stories, Layla used a photo of herself with the following sentence: “Are you calmer now?” – Fans, whose spirits were strained, perceived what the head coach said as taunts and comments on the Internet. Obviously, the majority was against Laila’s joke, which sparked controversy.

“I’m sure she tried to be ‘funny’, but it just goes to show how much she can take a good stage and not prioritize Abel’s requests, however, WEAK!” ; “The absence of a chief from Palmeiras results in… very sad…”; “Thanks to Abel, because he was counting on you from Baros, we will be in the second class.” ; – Despite the comments reprimanding Leila’s attitude, some people from Palmeiras took it in stride: “Sure, sending a message to Nutella fans”; “I don’t see her making fun of the crowd, just healthy banter. Obviously, the charges will go on, but I laughed so hard about it”; “She didn’t make fun, she just got into the joke, don’t bother her, don’t look for her”; Some comments were.