July 15, 2024

Leo Stronda undergoes plastic surgery after a serious accident

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Leo Stronda undergoes plastic surgery after a serious accident
Leo Stronda undergoes plastic surgery after a serious accident

Leo Stronda, former pawn of ‘farm 10, (record), hospitalized and reappeared after a serious domestic accident. The singer and former reality was getting ready for dinner with his partner and some friends at his house, without waiting, the worst happened. A gas canister exploded, causing severe burns to some parts of the artist’s body.

Via social media, Leo Stronda appeared live from the hospital, standing up and giving details of what happened to his followers: “Good guys, as you can see, I have been completely off social media for two weeks. Unfortunately, here I am in another ordeal, another difficult phase of my life. Now, at this moment, I am much better.”

According to former A Fazenda 10 participant, Léo Stronda, he was handling the gas canister when the accident occurred: “Two weeks ago I had a home accident. I was at my house to start dinner with my wife and some friends. A small gas canister exploded in the house and I got burns. It was like I was holding the cylinder and I got some serious burns on my arms and back.”

The reason for the absence of rapper Leo Stronda from social networks was to take care of his health and rest for recovery: “It was a really bad day in my life. So I spent two weeks not connected to the internet and cell phone, and this is precisely why. Because I am recovering, I am completely focused on my recovery.”

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The singer has already appeared with a better face and apologized to fans for her disappearance from the Internet: “I’ve been in a really bad phase for the past two weeks. I had plastic surgery, and I did it two to three times a week in the operating room. This is in order to help me recover, so I apologize for not showing up and not being satisfied with anything before.”

Leo Stronda, lead singer Stronda tramHe will remain in the hospital and has revealed that he is undergoing extensive treatment to recover: “That was, today, on this day I took a big improvement. I’ve changed rooms, I’m in a quieter room, so I feel better able to talk about it and be able to tell you what happened here.”

Even as he was eager to tell fans the details of what had happened, Leo Stronda was very firm in his statements. The former pawn said he wouldn’t be long, and finished it: “I’m not going to go into this too much because I’m in the hospital, and I’m going to stay in the hospital for a few more days and have a very good intensive treatment.”

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