July 20, 2024

Leonardo’s wife sends a letter to the singer’s alleged lover

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Leonardo's wife sends a letter to the singer's alleged lover
Leonardo's wife sends a letter to the singer's alleged lover

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife, was questioned again By Internet users if sertanejo has an extramarital affair. This Sunday (17), the digital influencer responded that she did not want to know about the alleged infidelity, but left a message for her lover if any: “The financing is up to me.”

“Polly, I love you! Is it true that Leo has another woman?” , asked a fan during a series of questions and answers on Instagram Stories. “If so, please don’t tell me.. I don’t want to know, I’m full of love for myself. And if you find out, tell her that his money is with me! “

At the moment of interaction with fans, Polyana was asked if she was with her compatriot for money. He replied, “25 years together. I think it’s just for religion, don’t you think so too? There’s a paradox in the question! And the details: I’ll take care of it, okay!”.

Zee Philippe’s mother She also replied if her son had moved away from her after his marriage to Virginia Fonseca. “Of course, and that’s normal! Super understandable. Now he has a family to take care of, but I go in there, kiss him, and Virginia and Maria and I go away happy with life,” he said.

Polyana added: “I play the mother role with the most love in the world. Every day I send him a message and say: ‘Son, I love you and bless you.'”

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