July 24, 2024

Leonardo’s wife shocks everyone at the event and is photographed without a bra on location

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Leonardo Polyana Rock
Leonardo is the husband of Polyana Rocha (Photo: reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Polyana Rocha, wife Leonardo, during his daughter-in-law, Virginia Fonseca’s party, which took place this week. The reason was the appearance she chose.

At the time, the digital influencer of the Old Guard posted a video showing the piece in question. They were orange satin pajamas.

I immediately shined. By focusing on leaving the notch in the guide, with nothing underneath, she won praise from netizens in the comments.

“Ready to honor my daughter-in-law! Congratulations on your accomplishments,” wrote in the caption. And in the comments, fans gave praise.

paying off:

Leonardo’s wife turns away from enthusiasm

On Instagram, the 44-year-old influencer opened the Questions box in Stories for followers to submit questions about her marriage and family life.

In one of the questions, a follower asked if Leonardo had betrayed Polyana. The famous woman, in turn, replied that she did not want to know if her partner was really doing this.

“I don’t know! And if you do, please don’t tell me! I don’t want to know. My life is so sweet, thank God”They shot Zee Philip’s mother.

In another question, a fan wanted to know about the relationship between Leonardo and Virginia Fonseca, the wife of Zee Felipe, the singer who is the son of the citizen.

Then Polyana revealed: “Leo loves Virginia! Today he has a daughter. The biggest clue was going to the podcast (called out by many). Even if I got tired of a day full of obligations, it was a surprise, because I knew that she and Camis would be happy.”

Polyana Rocha reveals how she met Leonardo

In an interview with PodCats, a podcast by Virginia Fonseca and Camila Loris, the citizen’s wife commented on how she met Leonardo. “We met inside the church, can you believe it?Said the journalist, who has been married to the singer for 25 years.

I never attended his show. My mom never let me go to the show. Then Leonardo was the best man at the wedding of a cousin of mine who married a man of Goiás. And I remember that the girl he was with was a beautiful brunette, true love“?” , asked Polyana, who mocked Leonardo. “I don’t know, I don’t remember itThe actress replied.

The journalist went on to explain how she met the famous man. “And I went to the wedding like this … I was in the street playing dodgeball and my mother said, “Today you are going to a wedding, I will take you for make-up and hairstyle” and she took me. But the hairstylist did a big bun and heavy makeup and I didn’t like it. I got home and took it off, went to church with my hair wet, no makeup. I arrived at the wedding late and when I arrived, Potka was on meRocha reported.

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