July 15, 2024

LGBTQ + earns 10% less than other American workers

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LGBTQ + earns 10% less than other American workers
LGBTQ + earns 10% less than other American workers

In a rare analysis of the wages of LGBTQ + individuals, new data show that these workers earn about 90 cents for every dollar the average worker earns in the United States.

According to a report released Wednesday by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the average weekly income of LGBTQ + individuals has reached about $ 900, according to a survey of 7,000 full – time employees.

According to the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of all full-time employees is about $ 1,001 per week – about 10% of the pay gap.

Salary will vary based on race, ethnicity and identity. Native American and black LGBTQ + workers had lower weekly earnings. Non-binary, bizarre, bisexual, bisexual workers earn about $ 698 a week. According to the HRC Foundation, trans women and men earn between $ 600 and $ 700 a week.

“While there may be many fundamental factors of course, we can not ignore the fact that this may be due to discrimination because LGBTQ + people do not have to receive equal pay for equal work,” said Shoshana Goldberg, director of public education and a researcher at the foundation. , Is a non-profit organization focusing on research and advocacy for LGBTQ + individuals.

The epidemic has severely affected LGBTQ + individuals economically, with research indicating that these individuals have higher unemployment and food insecurity compared to non-LGBTQ individuals.

According to a newly released US Census Bureau survey, nearly a quarter of LGBTQ + respondents said they lost income during the crisis. One in five LGBTQ + people live in poverty.

The survey only looked at full-time employees, so it did not like the economic reality of all LGBTQ + individuals, Goldberg said. “LGBTQ + people are more likely to be unemployed or working part-time, and this is only exacerbated by the epidemic,” he said.

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