LHSR: a fight to the finish

LHSR: une lutte à finir

The regular schedule will end Saturday night in the League of senior hockey Richelieu. While the Bulls of Bedford are now guaranteed to finish fourth, the Trackvale Acton Vale could pre-empt the Action Kitchens Farnham at the fifth rank.

To do this, the training valoise must win on the road against the Houston Bar & Grill in Saint-Roch-de-l’achigan. The Bulls and the Kitchens have already played their last scheduled game.

“We do not have a preference for of our future opponents. We want to especially enter the series on the right foot and full of confidence. We want to finish the season on a positive note, ” said head coach and general manager of the Trackvale, Erik Archambault.

But whatever happens on Saturday night, two clubs from the region will compete certainly in the first round of the playoffs.

Moreover, the authorities of the League of senior hockey Richelieu (LHSR) have announced the dissolution of the Red Knights of Marieville Wednesday. Significant financial problems and a lack of availability at the centre sportif Rouville led to the decision, taken at the dawn of the series.

The Kitchens should also play to Marieville Saturday, but Farnham will get rather a victory by forfeit, as Bedford on the match that was scheduled for January 19.

“This is certainly not the outcome desired, but all of the governors included the situation of the Red Knights and they wanted to give them more time and opportunity as possible. In front of the inevitable, we had to be fair and equitable to all organizations. There were too many uncertainties and unknowns in respect of them “, explained the president of the LHSR, Claude Lapensée, on the official website of the circuit.

Note that the owner of the Red Knight will be able to make a team of the LHSR ” as long as the amounts due are not paid “.

The Residents of Mont-Saint-Hilaire inherit therefore from the eighth position, and by the very fact of a playoff spot.

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