Libraries of the City: a small step towards the Sunday

LoisirsUne motion accepted on Wednesday by the Municipal application of a pilot experiment in the City or elsewhere during the winter.

Bibliothèques de la Ville: un petit pas vers le dimanche

The library of the City.

The Sunday after-noon, from November to April. This niche is the one on which the municipal Council of the City of Geneva request the Executive to conduct a pilot experience of opening a municipal library, to define. The motion of the elected Alia Chaker Mangeat (PDC) was accepted on Wednesday night in the plenary session by 46 yes. The critics seem to lie in the ranks of the Entire left and the UDC.

The text specifies that this project should be done in consultation with the staff representatives. It is important to know that the librarians have discussed the motion, and have largely refused, to 80%. They put forward including a functioning in tense flow and a lack of resources. So the original motion has been amended, specifying that it would be proposed, if needed, a credit application extraordinary.

Moreover, a second amendment has expanded the circle of libraries potentially affected by the pilot experience. Initially, only the library of the City was mentioned. “She has not been chosen in the empirical, has defended the moved. It is the one which presents the most extensive collection.” His colleagues preferred not to indicate specifically, in order to allow any latitude to the Executive to choose a local library if this is more appropriate.

“Today the reading is regarded as a duty, a punishment, argued Alia Chaker Mangeat. It should be seen as a pleasure. Few leisure activities are non-revenue.” This opening day additional could be the Monday, but Sunday won out. A balance sheet will be presented at the end of the experiment.


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