October 7, 2022
Lies cries asking Arthur Agyar for forgiveness

Lies cries asking Arthur Agyar for forgiveness

One of the biggest competitions inBBB 22″ (TV Globo) Looks like it’s over this morning. Outside the house, Arthur and Lies have decided to resolve all their differences at reality In a conversation in which they were both touched.

moments later discord game Last Monday, the doctor and the former rebel met, recalled the beginning of their quarrel and ended the conversation with a heavy hug.

Arthur remembers early in the conversation First monster penalty of the season, which was subjected to it by a doctor due to the result of the angel’s test. “I didn’t think you’d come to me,” the actor said.

Then Laís tried to explain herself: “Tadeu [Schmidt] I spoke at first, but the impulse did not remember [da consequência]. […] I don’t want you to think I went with “Oh, it’s Arthur and I’ll take it.” I didn’t even remember. Anyone with the last card, I’d like to get rid of it, as a strategy.”

Moments later, the sister, looking sorry, began to cry and apologized to the lock-up for all the disagreements they had about the program. Last Saturday, she and the former rebel starred in the season’s first big fight – by chance – Because of the punishment of the beast.

I really screwed you up and I could have stayed silent. I didn’t like what I did. I echoed and we ended up arguing there about something that should have happened Lies, about an argument with Arthur Aguiar during the monster’s last punishment

The doctor admitted crying that she thinks the actor is a wonderful person, especially when he talks about his family. “I wanted to get close to Arthur to get to know him and his life. I didn’t have the opportunity to make this exchange and thought it might be too late. Your daughter is beautiful and wonderful I want to meet your wife. You are a wonderful father and man,” he said, leaving his brother emotionally behind.

Then it was the former rebel’s turn to apologize. “I also want to apologize to you. When you mentioned the ‘consequences’ [durante o último castigo do monstro]He gave me the trigger. Wow, I’ve already taken so many consequences, from the things I did and the things I didn’t. When I said that, I thought “Old man, what are the consequences, since you have already endured so much?”.

To end the conversation, Laís made a request to the participant. He asked, “Can I give you a hug?”

“Of course,” the actor replied, and then the two exchanged a heavy hug.

BBB 22: The conversation between disgruntled people ended with a big hug

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