Lifestyle: TikTok, a more harmful than benevolent ?

Lifestyle: TikTok, une application plus néfaste que bienveillante ?

Of course, the application TikTok is the most popular and the most downloaded in the world. But it is not safe for the younger users !

Exit, Instagram, Snapchat and the company. The generations but especially Z racing to a new platform : TikTok. Which, we like to clarify if you doubt, has no direct link with the old tube Kesha. The concept is simple and does not break three legs to a duck. On TikTok – ex – shifts of challenges and fun to playback. To then better share the videos of our performance to our surroundings. You find it stupid, even a little silly ? Poor fools !

The platform belonging to the chinese group ByteDance is already popular with more than 500 million followers per month. Amongst these figureheads of our home, Leah Elui, an expert in belly dancing. At only 17 years old, she can boast about having some 8 million subscribers. Only here, somewhere, that is the problem. As the frenchie, the users are often very young… and, in fine, unaware of the dangers they face.

TikTok, the climax of the hyper-sexualization

Indeed, one could believe that TikTok is the acme of benevolence. The challenge of good child. After all, that one who has never felt the urge to film themselves miming the Mariah Carey throws us the first micro. The problem is that, beyond the curious and relatives, the visitors ‘ videos are often… ill-intentioned. Why ? Because users are, as we have said, little older. According to the results of a study conducted by the association for Digital Generation, 38.8% of 11-14-year-olds use the app. 15% of boys… and 57% are girls. A majority of women rather overwhelming, which is not to displease to sexual predators.

As on other networks – Instagram-in-head – appearance is paramount. Generation narcissistic forces. Also, we will try to appear to his advantage, perfectly painted and primed. But I don’t know why –hyper-sexualization of our society, no doubt – most of them realize a “lyp sync” in small outfits. Do not misinterpret our remarks. Everyone is free to do what he or she wants to her body, and to show what he or she wants. But at 14 years old, does it really have the consciousness of what is decent/non-hazardous and hazardous ?

TikTok, now a refuge of paedophiles

A drift unhealthy that has recently denounced the video maker, the King of The Rats. In his video ” The hidden face of TikTok “, it highlights that the young girls of the movements and clothing the alleged “aguicheurs” public men much older. The latter are fond of accounts, compiling dances in bra or in a swimsuit. Sometimes they are “just” a small compliment (often malaisant) as ” hot ” or ” sexy “.

When others go much more openly, having no fear of vulgarity. And ask to see more, necessarily. The youtubeur is thus made to pass for a teenager on the application for several days. Result ? Dozens of messages explicit. No doubt, the “music” has become the benchmark for pedophiles.

The embarrassment is such that the French authorities have pointed to the tip of their nose. On Twitter, the police reminded the victims that they can file complaints in cases of ” sexual solicitation, evil-intentioned “. If applicable, the guilty parties face two years in prison and 30,000 euros fine.

TikTok : a few tips to better enjoy it

Without a doubt, should we also ask if each user to the maturity required to access TikTok. The age limit is 13 years. But it is clear that a cohort of them is still far from having blown his thirteenth candle. Therefore, a discussion between children and parents is required. So as soon as the awareness as early as possible, to the inevitable ( ?) drift of the social networking trends worn by, among others, on the appearance.

For others, curious, or fans of the application, a few tricks to leave a legacy of good heart to a young audience around you. Beyond the numbers large financial returns and fantasy, agree to place your account in private. If necessary, disable comments, or limit the. To prevent the possibility of distributing live video or, worse still, of the download. Finally, do not hesitate to report and block users regarded as dangerous. And consider the time management screen, in order to limit the use of the platform. Because who says addiction is often said loneliness. A little ironic, for a network that wants to be social, you would agree.

Melissa Deer


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