August 19, 2022
Lina is Arthur Aguiar's next target

Lina is Arthur Aguiar’s next target

few hours After Les’s departurethe Grunge brothers have already begun to analyze the next steps for “BBB 22 inches (TV Globo).

Gathered in the leader’s room, Scooby, Paulo Andre, Douglas Silva, and Arthur commented on who their next scenes would be.

The PA said he had three names to refer directly to the wall, if he was a commander: Eliezer, Lucas, and Slovenia. Scooby, in turn, commented that he had two names, Eliezer and Lucas.

Arthur, use the tactical table to show his target ranking. With plays, the actor lined up Lina, as his main target, then: Natália, Gustavo, Lucas, Jessilane, and finally Eliezer and Eslovênia.

However, Myra Cardi’s husband indicated that this is his order, but he still intends to speak with some of the brothers.

“That’s madness, the last Eslô,” Paolo Andre was surprised.

I really love her man. I’ve always loved the two people on the other side. And she was always the astrologer who would ask me directly at every station. Never take sides. She never voted for me Arthur replied.

After Lies is eliminated, who is the favorite to win the “BBB 22”?



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