May 31, 2023
Lina mocks Naiara and reveals BBB22 finalist requirements: 'It's still her dressing room'

Lina mocks Naiara and reveals BBB22 finalist requirements: ‘It’s still her dressing room’

Lena mocks Nayara Azevedo when she appears with the singer on her Instagram Stories and reveals her friend’s demands for the BBB22 final

On the night of Tuesday (26), Lyn da Quebrada Share it with his followers on social media behind the scenes before showing it in the final BBB22. While getting ready in her dressing room, the celebrity visited her Nayara Azevedoand made sure to display it on the web.

“Look who’s here already makes me feel like hell. She’s with 400 grams of her voluminous hair”The rapper joked, exposing the former BBB to followers. “After I brushed about 370, some strands fell out”The country girl joked.

Speaking of Naiara’s hair, Lina was already referring to the celebrity controversy in the dynamics with the excluded participants of BBB22, which happened a few weeks ago. However, the actress went further and made fun of her friend when she talked about her solo dressing room at Globo Studios.

“She’s just in her own dressing room, look people, she’s not sharing the dressing room. Why are you like that?”asked the rapper. “I arrived and my name was already there”The translator replied, “50 riyals,” justifying herself.

Carlos Tramontina leaves GLOBO

TV news anchor SP2 and one of Globo’s main journalists, Carlos Tramontina It is no longer part of Carioca Station, after 43 years of partnership. The news came by the professional on Tuesday (26), through his profile on social media.

“I am honored to be showing all the Globo TV news on national television. For the past 24 years, I’ve spoken to millions of people every night on the second edition of SPTV. […] I went to your house, we had a cup of coffee and we became friends. In the next few weeks I will be traveling with my family on a pre-scheduled vacation. But I will not forget you. Have a warm hug until next time”said the journalist.