September 26, 2022
Lions kill man who tried to invade Ghana zoo |  Globalism

Lions kill man who tried to invade Ghana zoo | Globalism

authorities Ghana They are investigating the case of a man who entered an animal cage on Sunday (28/8) and was killed by a lion.

The body of the victim, a middle-aged man, was taken from the zoo in the capital, Accra Ghanaand taken to a local mortuary.

Authorities suspect the man was planning to steal two rare white lion cubs that have become a major attraction since their birth last November. However, the cause of the invasion and the circumstances of the attack will continue to be investigated.

Authorities suspect a man was trying to steal dogs – Image: Ghana Forestry Commission / via BBC

The zoo is temporarily closed to the public after the accident that shocked many Ghana.

A lion, a lioness and their two white cubs were in the cage when the accident occurred.

“When lions have young and one of them gets too close, they feel like you’re trying to capture their offspring,” Benito Oso Bio, deputy minister of land and natural resources, told reporters.

“We urge the public not to do something like this,” he added.

See below a video of a group of white lion cubs.

White lion cubs take their first steps outdoors in a park in Crimea

The intruder climbed a 10-foot fence, then a 20-foot fence to enter the cage. The cubs – born to a male lion and a female lion with a recessive trait called leucism, which is different from albinism – were a major attraction at the zoo.

There are about a dozen white lions in the wild, according to the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

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