December 3, 2023
Lista reúne os melhores apps para assistir TV de forma GRATUITA no celular

List of Best Apps to Watch TV for Free on Mobile

Nowadays, many people can use their mobile phones to watch their favorite TV shows. This means that a person does not necessarily have to have a TV, or be in front of it, to access his favorite channels. This is because many channels currently allow their programs to be broadcast via cell phone applications.

That is, access becomes easier, since it is possible to use a cell phone to watch, anyone can watch your program wherever he is. There are two ways to do this. The first is online, using already known streaming or IPTV services. Please note that some services may require a paid subscription. But others, like Open Channels, can make it available for free. Another way is through digital TV, if it is available on the device.

List of Best Apps to Watch TV for Free on Mobile
Discover apps to watch TV for free / Image: Disclosure

Apps to watch TV for free

As mentioned earlier, some devices have the Digital TV app, which allows access to content for free. However, only Android mobile phones can count on this possibility. To access the channels, simply locate the application on your cell phone. Then you need to install antenna for access.

Mounting should be done in the same place as the headphones, and the antenna usually comes in the mobile device case. However, the alternative is to replace the antenna with the headphone itself. It is possible to access open channels, if they provide the digital signal, through this application.

Another alternative is DirecTV Go, which is available for both Android and iOS. It is important to note that although the installation is free, it requires a subscription service, which minimum package can cost R$59.90 per month, but has more than 70 channels in its basic plan.

In this way, it acts as an IPTV service, and up to two different monitors can be connected. One aspect of this app for watching TV is that it allows adding other packages, such as Premiere or HBO Max.

Additionally, other possibilities are SBT Vídeos and BandPlay, both of which have free content. Installation is free, and the schedule can be accessed through the registry. Thus, both of them also allow users to access other content on demand.

Another alternative is GloboPlay, which allows subscribers to access various content. It is possible to subscribe to the plan and access the company’s own channels, as well as TV Globo’s content. However, you can also watch TV Globo programs in your area for free.

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How do I login?

The Digital TV app is already on your Android devices, just search for it in your apps.

On the other hand, DirecTV GO is available at:

To access SBT Vídeos, the address is:

Who wants to access BandPlay, can use the link to download:

Finally, to access GloboPlay Services, the address is:

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