February 1, 2023
On Victory Day, Zelensky said in a video "It's dark in Ukraine"

“Listen to what the Stoic Marcus Aurelius says”

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At this very moment, thousands of people are distressed by the outcome of the Brazilian elections, the outcome of the war in Ukraine, and the possibility of a new wave of coronavirus. a Roman Emperor Marcus AureliusHowever, I understood that philosophy can be a rest for the soul and that there is no point in worrying about what you cannot control, he wrote Edward Levy in Crusoe🇧🇷

Perhaps it is appropriate for such people to recognize that “what is outside my mind means nothing to me,” and also “always bear in mind that all this has happened before.” And it would happen again – same plot from start to finish, with an identical stage, with people doing the exact same things […] So that “if I have seen the present, I have seen everything – as it was from the beginning, as it will be forever.”

It is a testament to their sincerity that these notes, which could have been written yesterday, were written by a man who lived nearly two thousand years ago. The time of Marcus Aurelius (121 A.D. to 180 A.D.) was also turbulent, with the difference that, when he was Emperor of Rome, he was under much greater stress than that which weighs upon us. To deal with it, Marco They turned to philosophywhich in his understanding was a “soothing ointment, a mild lotion,”Not weight, but comfort.🇧🇷 What made him feel good can also bring him to us.🇧🇷

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