December 1, 2023
Live broadcast - Lesson with Miguel Nicoleles and Eduardo Moreira: the true creator of everything

Live broadcast – Lesson with Miguel Nicoleles and Eduardo Moreira: the true creator of everything

The True Creator of Everything with Miguel Nicoleles and Eduardo Moreira – Thumbs up / DCM

Live and free on DCM TV. In class on Thursday (16), at 8 pm, Eduardo Moreira and Miguel Nicoleles explain how our brain can be considered the center of the universe, and we will have a landmark meeting on the topic “The True Creator of Everything – How the Human Mind Can Sculpt the Universe as We Know It”.

How can one mind manipulate millions of people? How can neuroscience reveal to us the origin of our thoughts and behaviors? Find out live.

We will have the participation of Miguel Nicoleles, the most important Brazilian neuroscientist and one of the most respected neuroscientists in the world. What will be offered:

  • What is neuroscience and how does it affect our lives?
  • The uniqueness of the human mind.
  • Our brain is the center of the universe.

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Miguel Nicoleles book

Miguel Nicolelis presents a revolutionary theory of how the human brain evolved into an organic computer unparalleled in the known universe. As scholars like Darwin already did, Brazilians begin from their experience and from their immense passion for knowledge in this surprising formulation of a theory about the origins of everything.

In this book, the celebrated author Far From Self, Nicolelis makes the first attempt to explain the entirety of human history, culture, and civilization as the basis of a series of newly discovered basic principles of brain function.

This new cosmology centers around three basic characteristics of the human brain: its adaptability and learning; Its ability to allow multiple individuals to synchronize their minds around a task, goal, or belief; And its unparalleled ability to extract.

By bringing together ideas from fields as diverse as neuroscience, mathematics, evolution, computer science, physics, history, art, and philosophy, Nicolelis presents a neurobiological statement that builds on the uniqueness of the human mind and places the brain at the center of the universe. The True Creator of All is a fascinating adventure story about the central role of the brain in shaping our perception of the universe.

Check out the live broadcast below:

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