March 22, 2023
Liziane talks about detention in the United States: "Defensive!"

Liziane talks about detention in the United States: “Defensive!”

Liziane Gutierrez posted an exclusive video to the Leo Dias column Tyler explains what happened during The Creator concert, In the United States, when she was detained. According to the influencer, he was called by a security guard after he complained about the chaos at the place. Lizzie says she acted defensively.

The model has been with her son in an area reserved for guests. According to Lycian, many began to occupy the place, which frustrated her.. “I already protect my friends, I protect strangers in situations I do not accept. Why should I not become a defensive lion by my son?” He explained.


The former Fasenta 13 says he went to lodge a complaint with the security guards at the site, According to her, who is focused on stage. Lizzie says that when one of them confronted him, she called his names. “What are you talking about?”, He would have asked before “taking him”. At this point, he says, the person pushed himself and almost fell to the ground.

Liziane says he was outraged when security guards threatened to detain him: “It was defensive and created an action reaction,” he said. A friend then called Model’s lawyer, who was not jailed for several hours.

The former pea still reveals that this is the moment recorded in the video, when the guard also hurts himself and asks why he was the only one charged. “I am totally against injustice and will act the same way millions of times,” he concludes.

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