February 5, 2023

Lo Prete ‘interrupts’ the series to correct the Jornal Nacional’s mistake

journalist Renata Lupret Made an unplanned entry today on Globo’s nightly schedule, during a novel Travessia, to supplement and correct information that was presented a few minutes earlier in the Jornal Nacional.

It stated that, contrary to what Renata Vasconcelos reported in the previous attraction, Minister Alexandre de Moraes already had an opinion on the inclusion of Jair Bolsonaro In the investigation investigating terrorist acts last weekend.

“We are correcting the information just presented at the end of the Journal Nacional. The correct information is that the Supreme Minister, Alexandre de Moraes, accepted the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and included former President Jair Bolsonaro in the investigation investigating the suspected intellectual authorship and instigation of the terrorist acts that took place Last Sunday in Brasília,” Le Brett reported.

Wasla then contacted journalist Claudia Potempo, who provided more information directly from the country’s capital. “Bolsonaro will be investigated as part of the investigation requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which targets the instigators and intellectuals of the anti-democratic actions of January 8.”

“In the document, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested that Bolsonaro be included as an investigator in one of the seven inquiries submitted to the court to investigate the actions of last Sunday. In the particular case of the former president, the Public Prosecution Service used as the basis the representation of 79 prosecutors,” Claudia explained.