February 2, 2023

“Lo Prete Is Going Crazy” TV News

Tadeo Schmidt pulled the brothers’ ear several times in the first game of strife BBB 23 This Tuesday (17). The presenter drew the attention of the participants to the strict non-compliance with all the rules of dynamics. He also complained about their lack of agility to complete their participation in the race, explaining that it would take Renata reprimanded Le Preté.

The mechanic consists of each of the pairs indicating which other pairs they have more and which are less in tune within the game. Those selected still had to hold up a board to count, at last, their fellow favourites.

Amidst hugs and kisses, Schmidt spoke Antonio Jay shoes And Amanda Mirelles About the delay in getting up from the couch and raising the sign. “Let’s go, otherwise Renata le Preté will go crazy with me,” he said.

The presenter of Jornal da Globo is always remembered on social networks when the live version of the reality show lasts longer than expected. After all, the newscast appears even later, and the station itself has already taken action To avoid further complaints from the press team.

Tadeu was still angry Domitilla Barros For not paying attention to the instructions given before the start of the match. You should have spoken to Cesar Black Before pointing out the larger and less closely spaced pairs, but she started talking to herself.

“Domitilla, but wait a minute. You’ve given your opinion. We want to hear a conversation between you two. The opinion of the two, not just the opinion of one of the players,” he said.

The reporter was still angry at his insistence Allen Werley And Bruno Nogueira In not reaching an agreement regarding less loved ones in the house. He said: “Speak.”

Tadeu still suffers from the lack of conflict, which is one of the main features of the game. “Everyone very gingerly, with a lot of emotion, we didn’t talk much. There was no closeness. It’s okay,” he concluded, before announcing that Fred Nicasio and Marilia Miranda had been freed from handcuffs.

Lou Pretty responds

On social networks, the official profile of Jornal da Globo posted a video in which Renata thanked her for her messages of support. “BBB is on air, and I’m here to thank your fans. You know, while the discord game is going on, I’m here wide awake, interested in the news, up-to-date and waiting for you”, she stated.

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