December 4, 2022
A nova linha de crédito destinada a entregadores e motoristas é uma iniciativa da Uber Conta. Veja como funciona!

Loans up to 10,000 BRL, check

Uber on Tuesday (10/11) announced a new line of credit targeting delivery employees and drivers who work on the app through their Uber account. Available loans can range from R$1,000 to R$10,000. To participate, all interested parties must compose a list of partners selected by the company.

Do you want to know how the new loan works, who can participate, and how to request funds? So keep following the article below to check out all the important information that we have separated just for you!

The new credit limit for delivery staff and drivers is an initiative by Uber Conta. See how it works! /Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/

How does the Uber credit limit work?

In principle, the new credit limit is for application partners. In this way, the so-called personal Uber credit account will be available, at this first moment, to drivers in the Diamond and Platinum categories of Uber Pro. It is, first of all, a test period to see how the job will behave. After that time, the company will analyze the possibility of offering an expansion to other users of the account.

In this case, as mentioned above, the loan amounts can range from R$1,000 to R$10,000, which can be repaid in up to 18 months, at an interest rate of 2.99% per month. However, the loan can be repaid directly by debiting the user’s account, which can deduct the transfers of profits that are deposited immediately after the delivery or flight, until the completion of the monthly installment amount.

Additionally, discounts will start 28 days before each installment expires, which has a grace period of up to 80 days. According to the information from the company, the launch is an additional option for those who have chosen the platform to generate their own income. In this case, the monetary values ​​will be provided through a partnership with Banco Digio, which is responsible for operating Uber’s digital accounts.

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Other advantages

Additionally, Uber account users (Android: or iOS: Many other advantages can also be counted, such as discounts of up to 60% on online purchases in partner stores, as well as receiving cashback in some institutions. In fact, the awarding of benefits will depend exclusively on the level of the driver partner in the application’s loyalty program.

Other than that, the account still has 100% CDI return for account balances, transfers via TED and pix, the ability to withdraw, withdraw amounts via QR Code in the Banco24Horas network, as well as pay coupons. There is also an Elo card available for account holders, which can be used in both physical and virtual versions.

Finally, opening an Uber account is free and available to all drivers who have an active profile on the app, without any legal restrictions related to any court order and who have completed at least 25 rides on the platform. Uber Direct and Uber Flash delivery companies can also access the account.

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