Lonza wants to reduce its impact on the nature

ValaisL’business baloise aims to go beyond legal requirements in terms of environmental impact, she said Wednesday.

Lonza veut réduire son impact sur la nature

A view of the discharge Gamsenried, near Brig (VS), which contains approximately 1.5 million cubic metres of production in the chemical Lonza.

The chemical site in the valais of Lonza wants to reduce their impact on the environment. To enter in the future as a centre of high technology, the group in basel is aware of need to deal with the past.

The industrial past is also synonymous with pollution. Several spines are still in the foot of the company: the mercury, the pollution of its industrial site of Visp (VS) and a former landfill site close to Brig (VS). The company aims to go beyond legal requirements in terms of environmental impact, she said Wednesday.

“Significant investments in the environment will continue to be done in the factory Lonza in Visp in the years to come,” wrote the group in a press release. Its objective is to reduce the environmental impact despite growth in production site.

Assume the past

The approach also requires the remediation of pollutions in the past. In regard to the polluted soil to mercury, three inhabited areas of Raron (VS) and Visp have already been remediated. The work will begin in two other neighbourhoods, and the planning is underway for the last zone.

Further investigations are also planned in the Grossgrundkanal that served in the release of mercury. Analyses on fish are provided and additional samples will be taken on the banks.

The former landfill site of Gamsenried can also pose problems. It contains approximately 1.5 million cubic metres of residues from chemical production registered between 1918 and 1978. The concentrations of pollutants in waters pumped on the edge of discharge decrease only slowly. A sanitation project is to study, but investigations will still be a few years.

The sanitation of the premises of the factory Lonza in Visp continues. The floor contains mercury and many other pollutants and solvents, spilled since 1907. The site is registered in the register of contaminated sites for the township since 1990.

Satisfaction state

The State of Valais welcomes the commitment of Lonza in this direction in the remediation of polluted sites resulting from its industrial activity in the past. In a press release, the township noted that the remediation of the soils contaminated with mercury in the inhabited area in Raron and Visp is progressing as planned. As to the discharge of Gamsenried, it expects a project to be developed in order to solve the case in a sustainable manner.


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