August 15, 2022
look at me!  Snoop Dogg praises Rio de Janeiro's Marshal Fries

look at me! Snoop Dogg praises Rio de Janeiro’s Marshal Fries

Snoop Dogg He has an eye on Brazil! at the end of this week Rapper I was surprised by a post on social media. No more, no less, he praised the famous Potato Marshal and its maker, Ademar de Barros Moreiraalso known as “The King of French Fries in Rio de Janeiro”.

(Photo: Instagramsnoopdogg)

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“Next time the restaurant is cheap with fries, show them this”the artist wrote in explaining the post, which has already garnered 1.6 million likes and more than 36 thousand comments.

On the record, Snoop Dogg shows pictures of Ademar filling a hot tub (and the bag that covered it) with potatoes. He defines the seller as a “legend” and also emphasizes the reasonable price, between 15-45 BRL, with chicken pieces and pepperoni.

Snoop Dogg praised the cultural heritage of the state of Rio de Janeiro

In addition, the Marechal potato became a cultural heritage of the state of Rio de Janeiro in May this year. As I mentioned st 1This snack has been sold for years at a stall by the merchant, who started the tradition 33 years ago.

Demand for it averages almost a ton per day! In this regard, Ademar It uses about 60 liters of oil. a lot of things! For those interested in experiencing, the tent is close to Marechal Hermes train station, in the northern area of ​​Rio.

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