December 5, 2023

“Look at the reason for that” · TV News

MC Guimê received severe punishment at BBB 23 in the early hours of Monday (13th), for allowing Antônio Cara de Sapato to remain in the commander’s room without his presence. The warning left the participants stunned. When the rapper learned the reason for the punishment, he blamed it on Cesar Black saying, “Look what he caused,” he lamented.

Lexa’s husband was in the room when the nurse called him to talk about the wall formation. Since only invited people are allowed into the commander’s room, Guimê goes to the outer area and leaves Sapato alone, asleep.

The situation contradicts the rule of the game, which does not allow the leader to leave his guests alone in the room. Because of this, the penalty, which was considered very serious, was announced: losing 500 bets.

“Damn it, brother. Wow, five hundred inscriptions. Just because I went to answer the door. Lions come to call me at these hours. I could not leave the door open, so I went to close the door, because he could not enter the room either. You [Sapato] I was asleep, I didn’t really care, ”the singer justified.

He then blamed Bahian for the punishment. “What a predicament, man. I know it wasn’t his intention, but look what he did bro“I was terrified,” he said. “He asked me what should I do?”

In the last formation of the wall, which took place on Sunday night (12), MC Guimê put César Black in the spotlight and justified it: “We have already voted several times. The main reasons for his candidacy are not these. They are matters of coexistence. I think that when he took a position to question other things, It bothered me. I was influenced by other people’s opinions of me,” he said.

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