September 25, 2023
Lotz Group acquires shipping company in Scania, USA

Lotz Group acquires shipping company in Scania, USA

The Lots group can be considered as Scania’s logistics division. The company provides complete transport operations to customers in Brazil, Chile, Canada, China and Sweden, primarily in the timber and mining sectors.

This week, Lots announced the acquisition of Belvedere Forest Products, a South Carolina-based timber logistics company based in the United States. The company operates the Lodz Group, reforesting, cutting down, and supplying many new vehicles produced throughout the United States.

Lots is excited to build its North American expansion by acquiring Belvedere in South Carolina. The Board of Directors has established one of the most professional and successful transport operations in the Southeastern United States. Accelerate the growth trajectory and create a map for future transportation in the United States, ”said Max Platt, CEO of Lotz Group.

“I am pleased to be partnering with Belweather, an innovative transportation company such as Lots, to accelerate our growth and enhance the services we provide to our customers. The Southeast American forest transport site is vast, but incredibly fragmented and lacks technology and professionalism. Adding the knowledge and transportation resources provided by Lodz to our growing business is in line with our core mission of being a ‘guide’ in the industry, and puts us in the best position to develop a market-leading company in forestry in the Southeast and beyond. . ” , Said Matt Moldenhauer, head of Belweather Forest Products.

The value of the negotiations has not been confirmed by either company, and Lots will immediately act on Belweather’s responsibility.

Raphael Brusk – Trucker Blog