October 1, 2022
"Love her...";  Simone was shaken by the duo's ending, and she doesn't hide her emotions when she talks about Simaria on social media

“Love her…”; Simone was shaken by the duo’s ending, and she doesn’t hide her emotions when she talks about Simaria on social media


Simone shows love and affection on her sister Simaria’s social media, but she doesn’t hide her emotions when talking about the topic

Photos: Reproduction / Instagram Simone
Photos: Reproduction / Instagram Simone

Singer Simone did not hold back her tears when it came to her sister, Simaria. A few days after announcing the end of the duo, Simon, who is very emotional, commented on the two’s split. And about the directions she could take as a solo singer. On her Instagram, Simone has slowly released some upcoming details.

“The band is the same, the musicians are the same, we’re going to be giving out a great new costume, we’re going to rehearse for reality, and prepare for you a really great show… but I’m really excited to live this new process in my life,” she declared, continuing with the same professionals and entrepreneurs.Simon explained.

Singer Simaria mentioned about the duo’s ending position. “But I am also very happy for my sister, because she is happy, this time she wants to take care of her children and the most important thing in life is the family and our children,” explained. Simaria has also pursued a solo career, but there is still no word on what direction or style the singer will take.

Finally he opened his heart and spoke in his stories: “She is my sun, my light, my angel, I love her more than anyone else in this world, a long time, true, 30 years of history, but that’s what I’m happy for”Simone was completely moved. The duo ended last Thursday (18), a moment some thousands of fans have been waiting for The controversy the sisters have faced in recent months.