September 28, 2023
"Love is magical and always will be"

“Love is magical and always will be”


The actress thanked fans and series partners in an emotional script

Larissa Manuela says goodbye to
© Images 1 and 2: Reproduction: Instagram / Larissa ManoelaLarissa Manuela says goodbye to “Beyond Illusion” and recalls key moments in the plot

Larissa Manuela She finished her first job as an actress in Globo TV fall in favor of the public. in “behind the illusionThe actress won the approval of both the announcer and viewers in the role of the sisters Elisa And the Isadoranext to the actor Rava Viti.

With the presentation of the final chapter of the plot last Friday (19), the actress posted a text on social media saying goodbye to the TV series, remembering her best moments: “Finally, the end. And everything turned out to be after him! In addition to all the moments we live, the scenes we record, the emotions we feel, the topics we take up, the friendships we form, the hours we spend running, the conversations and clips of text are everywhere.‘, began.

Larissa also took the opportunity to thank the team that worked with her during the process: “From the lingering memory, from the energy that radiates, from the mastery of every professional who has done their work throughout the process, from the wishes we will meet someday“.

Finally, she piqued the interest of her followers by saying that her dream came true: “Many thanks to everyone who made my dream come true! Love is magical and always will beAnd in the comments, friends and fans of the young woman left messages of support and congratulations.