June 26, 2022
Luan returned to Corinthians after 35 days and Sylvinho praised the midfielder's appearance

Luan returned to Corinthians after 35 days and Sylvinho praised the midfielder’s appearance

A big problem for Luan, he needs very specific environments to render.

It’s not like Renato Augusto who, even if the situation is very bad, will solve it, like taking 2 from Braga and scoring that goal.

Luan needs a tidy whole team, obviously any player performs best on an organized and standard team, but Luan needs a lot of that, and that’s his big drawback, he lacks personality in that. He needs a tidy team to perform and does not call the responsible and tidy team, as the example of Renato was given.

But since he came to Corinth, every moment we had a minimum standard, he gave up.

When Tiago Nunes arrived, in Tiago’s best moment, which were matches before and even the Libertadores match, Luan put in a very good performance, in the game where we were eliminated and robbed, even Luan scored and played well.

After that, the team’s performance went down a lot, so much so that Thiago went down and we had no benchmark, so Luann also lost his performance.

The second moment with Mancini, the team still had no standard and did not give up at first, but after the reform of the team, Cazares was still good, but then when he had the opportunity, which was when he did an interview complaining, a chance and the team was already a bit untidy , he gave up, he was doing a good job, good sequence, one of his best phases here, Mancini changed to 3 defenders, he kept giving a lot, he played better with this formation, Mancini fell, Fernando Lazaro took charge, he kept the formation, he kept giving and playing well, and scored a goal, including against sp, golao.

Then with Sylvinho, the whole context changed. Sylvinho arrived and the team had no standard, Sylvinho arrived with a formation that didn’t have a central midfielder, and he played with 3 of the same type in the middle, with 3 defensive midfielders, there was no offensive midfielder. So he tried the false number 9, for a team that did not create, did not yield anything, after which he rarely had a chance in his position, so he went to the bench.