February 6, 2023

Luan Santana stars in an unusual moment in a show and the singer’s behavior is the target of criticism

An even more daring fan threw her panties onto the stage to introduce Luan Santana. The singer joined in the fun, taking out the lingerie and tattooing it.

Jan 8th
– 11:28 am

(updated at 11:34 am)

Luan Santana was criticized after smelling a fan’s pants.

Photo: AGNews/Purepeople

After that she was called Sydney MagalAnd Luan Santana It has been compared to Wando because it became the target of underwear during presentations. A musical phenomenon since its inceptionThe singer was surprised by a fan during his performance at the Baile da Santina event, in Salvador, Bahia, last Friday (6).

A bold young woman in the audience threw a pair of underwear at Luan, who picked up the extraordinary gift on the stage floor and sniffed it. The scene recorded by the audience spread on the Internet. However, Sertanejo’s behavior was criticized, considering him to be the entertainer He maintains a relationship with model Isabella Cunha.

One commented, “Even if he’s famous, no one wants to see his friend sniffing someone else’s panties.” Another said, “I think it’s disrespectful to the girlfriend.”

Luan Santana plans marriage and children

In a recent interview, Luan Santana did not rule out the possibility of increasing the family along with the bride. “[Tenho] I really want to get married and have children, yes. I am passionate about children. If it is God’s will, I am ready! “I want to get a lot,” he told Karas.

Luan also said that in 2023 he intends to “continue to take my music to Brazil and continue my international career”. “[Estou com uma] A sense of accomplishment with a desire to increasingly bring news, music and art to my fans. happy and blessed “…

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