July 22, 2024

Luana Piovani Hangs With Pedro Scooby ‘Almost the Wall’

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Luana Piovani Hangs With Pedro Scooby 'Almost the Wall'
Luana Piovani Hangs With Pedro Scooby 'Almost the Wall'

Tense formation of Paredão Act “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) had Luana Piovani follow – or at least comment on – the events of the show. The actress reacted to the ‘almost hot seat’ encountered by her ex-husband, Pedro Scobe, and reported ‘horror’ with the event.

“Oh, guys, it’s four in the morning. Do you think it’s easy to catch the first light of the day and make me hot? It’s two hours of work. (…) But I came here to say: What is this? The commander saved him. Oh my God in heaven Actress begins.

Finally, Bovanni thanked Douglas Silva, who was responsible for choosing to rescue the surfer from the hot seat. “Long live Douglas, save. That’s not news to wake me up at four in the morning. Oh hell, first week, what a fright,” he admits.

After gaining many followers who have been eagerly awaiting the actress’ reaction for Scooby’s confirmation realityBeovani made it clear that he would not comment on the show and that he had never followed BBB. However, from day one, Tado Schmidt sends “messages” to Luana – who responds with good humor. She even “charged” the presenter on the day he did not receive a kiss in the live version. “Tadeo kissed me yesterday, or did he forget me?”

On the other hand, Scooby does a good job in the game: in addition to rescuing him in Paredão, he’s earned a spot on VIP of the week, with access to the Leader’s Room. The surfer also became a web meme after he ‘lost’ the game and admitted that he had never watched a reality show.

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