March 30, 2023

Luana Piovanni slams ‘Fantástico’ for interview with Pedro Scobbie: ‘what a shame’ | Famous People

RIO – Luana Piovani made clear her dissatisfaction with “Fantástico” on Sunday (29) which aired an interview with Pedro Scobie, along with his wife Cynthia Dekker. The actress criticized the show on social media for giving space to her ex-husband in the most crucial week of a legal battle involving their children.

She republished the comments of the followers and supported them with her opinion. One follower asked: “The week Pedro Scobie exposed himself as a sexist idiot, he got an article on Fantástico. Is he on a BBB rag contract for life?” “There’s a cleanup of Pedro Scobbie’s picture in Fantástico, crisis management came here,” another quipped. “Deeply shocked by the sensitivity of Team Fantástico today, it’s great timing to humanize Pedro Scobbie ‘Doo’, in white, as Father of the Year,” a third highlighted.

In the stories, Luana blew up on Sunday. She wrote: “What an ugliness, what a shame.” The issue also resonated on Twitter, with netizens believing the interview dealing with the surfer’s paternity was, at the very least, superfluous for the time being.