January 29, 2023

Luciana Jimenez will have to use a wheelchair after the accident

This Wednesday (25), Luciana Jimenez revealed that she will need to use a wheelchair after the accident that killed her. Through social networks, the presenter told how her recovery has gone weeks after she suffered a fall while skiing in Aspen, USA. in this occasion , The communicator broke her leg in four places and will now have assistance from equipment to aid her mobility in her recovery, such as crutches and a walker.

“My legs are getting better, but I still can’t get my feet down. So, I can’t walk. It makes me a little desperate. I’m a graceful person, always doing things. Since I can’t move, I get really anxious. Therefore, this makes me very anxious, and brings me a lot of discomfort. Not only can my feet touch the ground, but no one else can touch it,” he said. Luciana Jimenez.

“I have long legs, I keep looking at my feet and it makes me desperate. I walk with a walker, crutches, I’m still learning, and a wheelchair. I’m still on a lot of medication. The medication doesn’t relieve the pain, and we don’t want to increase the dose because we actually want to stop taking it.” . I dare say it was the hardest moment of my life.”

Luciana Jimenez

Luciana Jimenez out of breath after an accident

After the video posted on Instagram, Luciana said that she did not appreciate walking as much as she does now. She analyzed her situation and how she adapts to reality after the tragedy.

“Today, what I wanted most was to be able to run, and it came to a very simple question. I wanted to walk… I rely on people, friends and helpers, to be able to move around.” It made me look at life in a different way. These two weeks have been a blow, as I face this new reality, accept it with humility and with the will to leave this stronger person,” he said. Luciana Jimenez fell into the snow while skiing in the United States on January 8th.