September 26, 2022
Luciano Hack feels ashamed and admires the "little genius" in Domingu's painting

Luciano Hack feels ashamed and admires the “little genius” in Domingu’s painting


Luciano Hack had difficulty dealing with the logical questions in the “Little Geniuses” board and received help from 9-year-old Daniel

Luciano Hack was impressed by Daniel's speed of thought
© Reproduction / GlobeLuciano Hack was impressed by Daniel’s speed of thought

In “Little Geniuses” Presented by Luciano Hack in “Domingão” On Sunday (06), a case involving a child caught the attention of the public on social networks and Angelica’s husband was left in a kind of “fair skirt”.

In the program section, Huck admitted that he had trouble understanding some of the logical questions asked. Of one of the questions, he said, “Which area is missing? I read that and it didn’t make any sense to me.” He asked for help from a member of the production, who also did not know the answer to the proposed question.

Then Huck approached Daniel, who is only 9 years old, Who answered the question in less than two seconds. The boy answered: “10 multiplied by 10, which is 100, and I add the numbers inside and do the number that gives minus 100, which is the area,” and left the presenter surprised.

Liked by Luciano Hack

Huck was so impressed Who did not hide his surprise at Daniel’s quick thinking. “How did I not think of this before? Can I talk? It was humiliating to me. I thought I was smart. Thanks Daniel for the clarification, I didn’t understand a thing,” he joked.

as always, On social media, there has been a lot of reaction to this particular sceneThe audience praised the intelligence of Daniel. One commented on Twitter: “This boy left Luciano in the dust, they are real geniuses.” Another commented, “I feel a little stupid every time I see this painting.”