September 24, 2023
Luciano Huck increases Domingão's audience among the richest;  Watch the numbers · TV news

Luciano Huck increases Domingão’s audience among the richest; Watch the numbers · TV news

In the first four months in Domingu, Luciano Hack had to face criticism and comparisons with his predecessorFaust Silva. In terms of audience numbers, though, Globo has nothing to complain about the former Caldeirão. The new presenter increased the track’s ibope nationally and also attracted the interest of richer viewers, which had a positive effect on the advertising market.

survey obtained the news Set up for the station for distribution to advertising agencies and companies, Domingão com Huck points out that Domingão com Huck attracted 35 million people per program, between September and December 2021, an increase of 3 million over the same period in 2020.

ibope averaged 14.6 points, up 0.7 from the Faustau era, while the share rose from 25.8% to 27.6% from year to year. The data refer to PNT (National Television Board), which indicates audiences for the country’s 15 largest metropolitan areas.

With attractions such as Show dos Famousos, Who wants to be a millionaire? And Lata Velha In the first four months with Huck, Domingão recorded a 21% increase in the interest rate between Classes A and B. Having this audience is important for programs to sell their advertising stakes to companies with greater financial strength.

In the age groups, there was a 17% growth among people aged 25-34, as well as a 15% jump in viewers from 35 to 49.: Florianópolis (+3.8 points), Belo Horizonte (+3.5), Recife (+1.2) Brasilia (+1.1) and Porto Alegre (+1.1).

In Greater São Paulo, the country’s main advertising market, there was a 0.4 point drop: from an average of 15.6 in the last 17 programs by Faustão in 2020, to 15.2 at the start of the Luciano Huck era on Sunday.

among the pollista, The new leader of Dominga was seen less than his predecessors (Faustão and Tiago Leifert) compared to the periods in which each performed the track last year.

In 2022, when he completes one year on the new day of the week, the former Calderao had the task of maintaining Globo as an isolated leader of the track with a good advantage against rivals, The legacy left by Fausto Silva Huck kept it at the start of his course. In PNT, they have 98% more interest than SBT, second in head-to-head, and a 40% advantage against them All online consumption (streaming services, YouTube…) from the track.