July 22, 2024

Luciano Xavier criticizes rumors of Xuxa’s financial aid and talks about the relationship with the presenter

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Ambassador and Shuksa at Sasha's wedding
Ambassador and Shuksa at Sasha's wedding

over a long time Hospitalization due to complications in Covid-19, Luciano Ambassador He had to come across news that his financial expenses were covered by Xuxa Meneghel, his ex-girlfriend with whom he had his daughter Sasha. The artist’s press agent immediately denied this information. Today, outside of the medical environment, the 52-year-old actor says he has gotten used to false rumors in his 20-plus-year career, but admits that he doesn’t stop getting upset.

Ambassador and Shuksa at Sasha's wedding
Ambassador and Shuksa at Sasha’s wedding

Of course I didn’t like it, but three seconds passed and I couldn’t even remember. With 20 years of career, I’m used to it. I was worried about surviving. I have health insurance and terms to pay for everything. And if Xuxa paid, he wouldn’t be ashamed. Unfortunately, there is bad press that doesn’t check information and just wants to sell the news ASAP. Each one with a conscience – THE ARTIST SAYS, TO EXTRA.

In a very calm tone these days, Beth Safeer’s son says he’s learned to control his temper so as not to give another percentage to the false stories.

“I was more concerned about these fake notices. In the past, I was pushed back from even if I didn’t want to hit a journalist. Back then we didn’t have the vision we have today. Thank God, it’s a good thing we developed. Today, I read it, I’m bored For three seconds, after which I don’t remember it anymore – it’s fun.

And he knows very well that none of this is getting in the way of his romance with Xuxa.

“We don’t talk every day, but we do care about what happens to each other’s families. Xuxa wants my happiness, just as I want it. We are great friends, we have 14 years of history, and we have a beautiful daughter. We never quit and that never will.”

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