September 29, 2023
Luciele Di Camargo expõe passado com Denílson e entrega desfecho de relação: "A gente foi feliz"

Lucile reveals the result of the union with Denilson and confirms: We were happy

The influencer remembered how happy she was to date the commentator

Entering the month of Valentine’s Day, last Thursday (26th), Luciel de Camargo Show a picture next to Denilson when still And they did not guarantee the best possible outcome of their relationship in their marriage.

For those who don’t know, the two have been married for over a decade and have two children together. Since they met, they are no longer separated, and Zizi’s old sister’s record is proof of that.

The celebrity participated in a series showing the beginning of relationships, and Denilson revealed that that was their first picture.

Supposedly, the pagoda fan, Luciel de Camargo, has set the record alongside the beloved with Thiagoño’s music,”Leave everything as isWe will not make mistakes, we will not make mistakes, if we make mistakes … We were happy to try to fix itThe excerpt shared by the influencer said.

As much as they have now achieved their happy ending, open game commentator emphasized that it was not an easy task, in the end, in the beginning, it was Luciel de Camargo reluctant To take something more seriously for his reputation as a womanizer.

Luciele Di Camargo reveals the past with Denílson and presents the outcome of the relationship: "We were happy"
The Lucile de Camargo and Denilson Show (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)


The intimacy between the two actually makes him feel free to play with his son-in-law. Last week, Denilson mocked Zizi Di Camargo when he talked about leggings.

the reason? Ronaldo Giovannilli, a Timao Paulista fan, said the opposing team’s players would need diapers to deal with defeat. The band commentator responded by saying that there would be no need and that the boys would wear skinny pants, known as the Zezé Di Camargo pants.

“Those leggings… Zezé Di Camargo pants. Ronaldo, Zezé Di Camargo pantsHe shot laughing in the open match.

Luciele Di Camargo reveals the past with Denílson and presents the outcome of the relationship: "We were happy"
Renata Van, Denilson and other commentators at the debate in the open game (Image: Reproduction/The Orchestra)

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