October 1, 2022
Lugar or Sol's mom: Andrea Beltrau defends masturbation

Lugar or Sol’s mom: Andrea Beltrau defends masturbation

58-year-old actress Andrea Beltrau is back to defend Masturbation scene starring Rebecca, in the seriesplace in the sun“,” TV Globo’s current 9 p.m. news program, and also talked about feeling uneasy about the questions about old age.

In an interview with “Fantástico”, the artist said that playing is normal and asked: “Who does not masturbate in life?”. In the scene in question, which has been very successful on social networks, Rebecca refuses to have sex with her husband and chooses to seek pleasure alone, through touch.

Andréa Beltrão said she sees herself a lot in Rebeca and said she gets angry when she goes to the doctor and is asked about menopause, because for her this kind of interrogation gives her the feeling that the fun is over. This leaves her uncomfortable.

“I think Rebecca, I have a lot of her, and she has me. When I go to the doctor and they ask me when I went through menopause, even this question bothers me. It seems to be a question like ‘When did she die?'” when? Have you stopped feeling happy? I don’t feel comfortable, can’t we have another, lighter way of talking about it? “

In the interview, Lecia Manzo, author of “Um Lugar ao Sol”, defended the masturbation scene broadcast in the telenovela, considering it significant. According to her, she had read “many times” that this kind of scene was “unnecessary”, but noted that “what does not need to be discussed” is unnecessary.

“And I think this still needs to be discussed a lot,” he said. “I’m 56 years old and I have a place to talk about it. I live it.”