September 26, 2023
Luis Castro justifies Erison's departure from Botafogo by 'gaining minutes' in Estoril: 'We can't have a team of 60 players'

Luis Castro justifies Erison’s departure from Botafogo by ‘gaining minutes’ in Estoril: ‘We can’t have a team of 60 players’

erison Willing to work on loan at Estorilfrom Portugal, this decision led to discontent in Botafogo. after, after defeat for flamingo This Sunday, for round 24 of Brazilianthe coach Luis Castro confirmed the The news of the departure of El Toro She enumerated the justifications for this decision that should be made by the white and white football department.

We cannot have two facts. We can’t get over the fact that a month ago you said it was good to hire 9 and today the truth is different. Intellectual honesty should be a part of us. It is true that a month ago it was said that we need 9, and that Erisson was not producing, and he did not have this, and that … That was your analysis. The truth is that they have arrived Tequinho Soares And the Junior Santoswe have the Mateus Nascimento and erison. A decision had to be made. Four goals for a team in the world too much. In the analysis, it was understood that Erisson needed a lot of playing time, Europe could give him that playing time, and here there could be a risk that he won’t get that time. – I started.

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Luis Castro continued to respond, praising Estoril’s ability to work with the strikers and hoping to get a better Erisson when he returns, in the middle of next year.

Of course, everyone is comfortable with having five or six players in one place, but we can’t have teams of 60 players. It was understood that the best position was not to lose a player, to continue his process of growth by playing for several minutes, and Estoril is a club where players have a great deal of growth, as was the case with Kleber, Matthews Nunes and Cecchinho … and there can be space for it. We wish Erison happiness, and hopefully eventually we can have a stronger Erison and be stronger too – Closed.