February 1, 2023
Luis Castro's assistant appreciates Botafogo's victory and chartered flight to Fortaleza: 'We want the club and the players to feel bigger'

Luis Castro’s assistant appreciates Botafogo’s victory and chartered flight to Fortaleza: ‘We want the club and the players to feel bigger’

technical assistant for Luis CastroAnd Vitor Severino I rate a lot Botafogo beat Ciara 3-1 This Sunday, at Arena Castelão, the first in Brazilian Championship. He highlighted the difficulties of the match and the strength of the Botafogo fans, who attended in large numbers.

– It’s special for us, we needed it to bring confidence to the team, because processes are built on victories. It’s a victory for this audience, who were so excited to win, to believe more in this project, it was special. We found a difficult stadium, in front of a difficult team, which values ​​our victory the most. It was just a victory, we have to go for more – said Severino, to Canal do TF.

To improve logistics and reduce the impact of the trip in a week with three consecutive away games, Botafogo has chartered a plane to and from Fortaleza. The investment was also a point Severino highlighted.

Our work is highly focused on the game model. Now it’s time to prepare the team, training with a lot of videos, with a lot of theory, rest, we will have a charter flight now, the club provides these conditions because whoever wants to charge has to give this kind of condition. We want it, for the club to feel bigger and bigger, the players to feel bigger and bigger. Now basically recovering, but always with our game model, our training always depends on what our game is – Vitor Severino stressed.